"Competent" isn't a sufficient word to describe Bre's abilities, but for me it's the first word that comes to mind. You can trust her with any task (even if it's new to her), because she will do it well, and she'll likely find a way to improve it in the process. She cares deeply about the work she does and is a natural leader. Working with Bre has made me a better journalist, as I've looked to her example to become a more careful writer, more open communicator, and an all-around more thoughtful colleague.

Colleen Leahy | Producer, The Ideas Network (Wisconsin Public Radio)

If Breann says she will do something, we know that it will get done and get done well. She will also take initiative to find and implement new projects that serve our organization. A recent example of this was a reporting system to help our morning talk show track the demographic of our guests. She conceived of the system and led team discussions about how they could improve the diversity on the show.

She is known as a colleague that newer staff can rely on for advice and mentoring on both content and workplace dynamics. I know that Breann has a strong future as a journalism leader.

Jennifer Dargan | Assistant Director, The Ideas Network (Wisconsin Public Radio)

Breann brought enthusiasm and a great ability to multi-task to our newsroom. She balanced breaking news with longer term assignments and did so with good humor and professionalism. She also brought her broadcast experience to our newsroom - a welcome addition. We were able to tap those skills in a number of ways, including podcast production.

Jim Nelson | Business Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel