Breann Schossow

I won’t bury the lede.

I’m a journalist who loves a good story and am passionate about finding out the why behind the headlines.

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About Me

I currently call Madison, Wis. home, and have lived there - aside from a four-month adventure in Milwaukee, Wis. - for the past six years.

Before that, I studied journalism in western Wisconsin and grew up in the best place in the world - a dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota.


What They’re Saying

“Breann is a thorough, detail-oriented, organized, and motivated reporter. She's considerate, thoughtful, and well-spoken, and sees her projects through; Breann is someone you can count on to not only do the work but do it well. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work shines in everything she produces.”

— Erika Janik, formerly of Wisconsin Public Radio

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